Keep-Fill Case Study

Pascor manufactures industrial switches used in substations and transmission applications. We teamed up with them to help streamline the fastener component at their production facility.

After assessing the company's usage and workflow, we honed in on a few core areas that could be improved upon.

A key issue was inventory. Over the years Pascor had lost track of product. A hodgepodge of half-filled boxes, holding various nuts and bolts, were stacked on top of each other. They continually had to reshuffle inventory to find what they needed, hampering production.

We solved the problem by bringing in new shelving, then we repackaged and relabeled the existing inventory. The product was reorganized on the shelves according to workflow. Clear, easy to understand labels were applied to the shelves for rapid identification.

To augment the new system, an electronic keepfill sheet was created detailing their inventory. The Excel file has product images, along with their part number and ours, plus the quantity of stock they need to keep on hand, making reordering a breeze.

Another way we assisted Pascor was on the purchasing side. Based on past production we were able to forecast their usage for an entire year. Using those projections, we were able to make larger, strategic buys that over time saved them money.

The Pascor story is just one of the many successful ventures we have formed to do keepfills. If this sounds like a service that would benefit you, please contact us, we would be happy to discuss your project.

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