Travis Pattern & Foundry Kitting Case Study

The irrigation division at Travis Pattern & Foundry manufactures equipment that supports the agricultural industry. In 2005 we partnered with them to manage the fastener components used in their product offerings.

Quarterly we review Travis's production forecast, then place strategic buys to ensure there are no disruptions in their supply chain.

After receiving the bulk inventory, we count and assemble the various fasteners into boxed kits. A custom designed label is affixed to the box. The color-coded label prominently features Travis's part number along with an image of the enclosed fasteners for easy identification. The kits are then placed into bulk boxes and stored on our shelves until needed.

On a weekly schedule, we take inventory at Travis and replenish any depleted stock. A report detailing the updated inventory is generated and sent to the operations manager at Travis.

Today, we manage 24 different kits for Travis. The system we have honed over the years provides stability, freeing them to concentrate on production. Our relationship is such that Action Fasteners is regarded as an offsite extension of their irrigation production line.

The Travis story is just one of the many successful ventures we have formed over the years to do custom kitting. If this sounds like a service that would benefit you, please contact us, we would be happy to discuss your project.

"At Travis, we employ a lean, just in time manufacturing model. Our relationship with Action Fasteners has been so successful that we continue to utilize their expertise to assist us in developing new kits that help keep our overall costs down."

— Scott A. Chaffin, Vice President/GM
    Travis Pattern & Foundry

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